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Life transitions - musings from lockdown 1

Perhaps what draws me most to yoga and meditation is that it does not demand anything specific outside of oneself - it is always accessible, as long as we remain open to it. I am finding this to be especially true right now as I make big life transitions and oscillate between conflicting emotions: those of excitement and anxiety, of comfort and discomfort etc. A large part of my practice of late has been learning how to feel at ease with what is outside of my control, while also giving the space for difficult emotions to be felt. I think this is a huge reason as to why a yoga practice (that of breathing, movement & meditation) can be so useful, perhaps even essential right now - it is not about ridding ourselves of all feeling which isn’t ‘positive’, but learning the tools to feel centred and whole, throughout the highs and lows of human experience.

These tools can be as simple as noticing the quality of breath - if it is short and shallow, might it be possible to deepen, to slow, to regulate breathing? It might be as simple as taking a moment to pause. And in doing so, without even realising, we naturally shift away from racing thoughts and bring more awareness to the body, and to the present moment. Over the last few weeks, I have realised that the essence of this practice is creating space in the mind to allow for change, letting go of a past that no longer serves, surrendering to a future we will never be fully in control of and meeting each experience with compassion. Everyday I am grateful for this practice



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