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'Trust that you know how to be you'

‘Trust that you know how to be you’

Rereading my Sri Lanka journal, and this from my teacher Satu jumped out.

I think we all go through periods of our lives where we struggle to work out who we ‘are’. But I don’t think the mind is really capable of answering that question on its own, because surely who we are is beyond words? Ultimately who we are is something we feel deeply isn’t it? So to taste who we must mean that we also go inside our bodies, to our own felt experience of this life.

When we try and grasp with ‘who we are’ through purely thinking about it, things tend to get complicated don’t they? We put on lots of hats, we attach to lots of identities, we give ourselves lots of labels, we try so hard to live up to all these expectations (hello fellow people pleasers ha I’m recovering!)

So, what I find so liberating about this work, is that it reminds us that at some level, the body always knows what is true.

Even when my mind is totally unsure and thrown out in the deep end of life, there is a part of me that always knows how to be me. And my practice is that access point into being me - what feels like a huge ‘ahhhhh’ sigh of relief - I felt this SO much when we were all just moving, shaking, bouncing, dancing, laughing and crying in Sri Lanka. I just felt totally alive in all of it - the imperfect, beautiful, silly, messy, totally whole, totally human, totally perfect (imperfect) self.



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