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Accessible. Affordable. yoga, pilates & meditation anytime, anywhere.

7 day free trial

£24 per month
(cancel for free at anytime, no fee)

An inclusive On-Demand Online space for Yoga, Meditation & Pilates.


I truly believe that this well rounded selection of weekly offerings offers a soulful tending to the mind, body and soul in equal measure.

For £24 per month, you will receive the following:



Plus full access to over 70 pre-recorded classes in Vinyasa, Slow, Pilates Meditation, Yin Yoga and Restorative. 

Classes range in length from 15 minutes - 70 minutes to suit your time frame. 


It's here! After a number of requests, you will now be able to access Beginners Yoga classes on the Platform on demand. If you subscribe, not only do you get access to these classes, but the entire library.

In the Beginners classes we are working specifically on the foundations and I speak in detail to alignment, however the 'restore' and 'slow flow' classes uploaded weekly, are also completely beginner friendly. 

One of the benefits of beginning something new at home, is that we truly have the safety of our own homes, as we find home within ourselves through the pathway of yoga. 


kind words

"I would like to take this opportunity to share with you how yoga has changed my mindset on how to deal with difficult times . Tayler has taught me how to focus my energy into positive actions combining The practice of physical yoga .I now feel I owe so much to both Tayler and her incredible positive mindset , I couldn’t imagine my life now without it . Thank you so very much."


"Tay is my ultimate yoga inspiration. she has a way of just allowing me to drift off into complete calmness and tranquillity by just the sound of her voice. She is a born yoga teacher and i cannot thank her enough for coming into my life."


"I had never tried yoga before but during lock down I thought I would give it a go. Tayler’s classes are amazing! Her online platform has been so good, it means I have been able to try yoga in the comfort of my own home when ever I have time. Tayler is such a calming person that you automatically start to feel de stressed! If you have not tried yoga before, and are debating wether to give it a go, I would 100% recommend Tayler’s classes!"


"Tayler is a wonderful yoga teacher and all her classes feel so welcoming. Whether you're a beginner or more advanced and whatever your preferred type of yoga there's definitely something for everyone."


"Over the last few years I've had more and more right hip pain when running and was down to about 5K as the most I could do, but since doing your Yoga I've been noticing it's not happening anymore and on Saturday we walked 14.5Km with no pain and today I ran 6.2Km with no pain - it's absolutely amazing and totally down to the brilliant Yoga practices I've been doing - I might even sign up for another 10K when we're allowed😀😀something I thought I'd never do again, so thank you, thank you - you could say it's been life changing ❤️❤️xx"


"I love Tayler classes. She has a beautiful relaxing voice and offers a peaceful environment to practice. Tayler has worked really hard to create offerings for practice during the difficult times. The online lessons have been great but her studio is beautiful and such a warm, relaxing and calming place to be."


"Yoga with Tayler is amazing. She offers a mixture of classes including vinyasa and slow flow to help you get stronger/more flexible/super relaxed! The studio is gorgeous and such a lovely, calm environment and she’s managed to reflect this too on her online platform. Tayler is a compassionate and friendly teacher, and this really shows in her practice. She also creates and shares the perfect playlists for each class! Would recommend for anyone at any level!"


Thank you for showing up again and again, I love you. 

At the bottom of my profile page you will see a button to subscribe. From here you will be taken to REGISTER your details and then add you payment info.


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