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I am so happy you are here!


My training is rich, in-depth and spans across a number of wonderful disciplines; Hatha, Vinyasa, Somatics, Pilates, Non-Dual Philosophy & Mindfulness, Myofascial Release, Restorative Yoga & Pre-Post Natal Matwork Pilates. I have trained in India, Australia, UK & Sri Lanka with a number of world-class and inspiring teachers. I am continuously expanding my knowledge across disciplines & have completed 500HR yoga teacher trainings + my L3 Pilates Matwork Instructor qualification. My current teacher is Satu Tuomela. I am completely fascinated by the body and the wisdom it holds - at a biomechanical, energetic and subtle level - and believe that yoga and pilates are frameworks that help us to understand and connect to that wisdom, on all of those levels. Given the undeniable truth that each body is unique, when I am reading bodies in the room, I hold the understanding that movement is a subjective & personal experience, and there can be no ‘one size fits all’ method. The truth of my students practice is their own individual experience. However, there can be a sense of community in the shared space. 

I hope for students to leave my classes with more stillness in their minds, stronger and more spacious in their body, more connected to their breath and more tender in their heart. I am committed to guiding yoga classes that truly meet you where you are; classes that are free from judgement and are spacious enough for you to carve out your own yoga experience whilst feeling safe and supported in my company.

Perhaps what I love most about this work is guiding you through an experience whilst holding the space for you to create your own. <3 



My style of teaching is intuitive, nourishing, playful and fluid. Yoga is a living, breathing, full bodied practice for me; it shows up in who I am as a partner, a daughter, a friend, a sister, a human. The practice shapes how I experience every aspect of this wild life and it is from a place of deep reverence that I am a facilitator. I practice daily. 


I was introduced to yoga at university (2013) but it became very poignant and a tool for healing later down the line when I experienced burn-out and complete exhaustion. 

As I became deeply disconnected to myself and my body, I lived with an almost permanent feeling that I was inadequate, that nothing was ever enough. It was not that my life lacked happiness and joy, but it did lack purpose and as a result I was less able to really see, feel and experience the moments of joy, love and life that were there all along. Yoga has been the homecoming back to love, to connection, back to feeling alive in this world, in my body. 

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