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Grainy Surface


Sunday 9th June 2024 | 10:30 - 18:00

Secret location, Nr. Chepstow

£115 per person

Come and celebrate the vibrancy of summer, on my next seasonal day retreat BLOOM. Each day retreat I host is inspired by the energy and distinct qualities of each season. In winter we explored rest & tending to our well being in the harsher months. In Bloom, we will come into connection with the innate vitality and aliveness of summer - we will celebrate this life. 

Grainy Surface
"I will enjoy this life. I will open it like a peach in season, suck the juice from every finger, run my tongue over my chin. I will not worry about clichés or uninvited guests peering in my windows. I will love and be loved. Save and be saved a thousand times. I will let the want into my body, bless the heat under my skin. My life, I will not waste it. I will enjoy this life."


What is present in every day retreat is the exploration of practices that deeply nourish us. A question that runs through each day is ‘what practices bring me back to feeling like me?’. Every single aspect of the day is intentionally chosen by me to invite people back to their natural state - a 90 minute dynamic yoga flow, a satisfying walk in nature, a gua sha workshop, seasonal juicy & delicious whole foods (organic where possible), restorative yoga and a specially curated gift bag. 


Bloom is a return to wholeness, a remembering of wonderful You. Every single time folks remark how much nourishment can be accessed in one day, when we allow ourselves the time & space to just be.


I really hope that you can join us.

Grainy Surface




Organic herbal teas and seasonal fruits on arrival.


2 course nourishing plant based, seasonal lunch by Sarah.


Homemade cake, fruits and tea.


Restorative yoga practice. *


90 minute embodied yoga flow practice with Tayler. *


Nature connection walk (the venue is on the Offa's Dyke path & walking distance from the River Severn). 


‘Return to whole’ gua sha & face massage signature workshop with Emma.


Closing & gift bags.

* All yoga props provided.

Grainy Surface


The location for this day retreat is incredibly special to me, but something I’ve been keeping quiet until this was possible - a barn overlooking the River Severn, directly on the Offa's Dyke path - but I won’t tell you anymore than that (the clues are in the photos)! Other than that you'll see most of my offerings will be here from now on. It is very accessible from Bristol (30 minutes), Lydney (15 minutes) & Chepstow (5 minutes). The yoga will take place inside the barn.


'Returning to Whole'

Join beautiful Emma as she guides us into restful release and self connection, through holistic, supportive skincare, Qi cultivation, Gua Sha and Facial Massage. Learn self care rituals to amplify your own home routine. If you have attended previous day retreats, please know each time this workshop is different to mirror the seasons and utilises a different techniques. Its literally the same as getting a holistic facial, but learning to do it yourself! You will receive a sample size of Seabuckthorn Oil to use for the workshop (living libations).


£115 per person

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