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Sunday 16th April 

9:00 - 18:30 (ish)

Unfurl into the light and vitality of spring on this one day self care retreat held in the beating heart of the Wye Valley, Brockweir. Emerge from winters slumber, into your own vitality through a combination of embodied yoga flow, walking the Wye Valley bluebell fields, gua sha facial massage workshop, qigong, seasonal whole foods, deep rest and contemplation.

£100 per person

Included: Everything!

there is

nothing left

to worry about

the sun and her

flowers are here.


Held at Mackenzie Hall in the beautiful village of Brockweir, Wye Valley during the height of the bluebell season, when the woods are abundant and luminous with colour - Mother Nature at her finest. 


Homemade herbal tea on arrival

Energising 'Spring' yoga flow with Tayler*

Plant based seasonal brunch by Annie @rootsonfilm

Walk in the Wye Valley bluebells and along the River Wye in Brockweir (this is THE time to visit the Wye Valley)

Tasty snacks and chai

‘Return to Whole’ - gua sha facial massage & qigong workshop for Spring with Ema @_inyourown

Restorative yoga and meditation for Spring*

Plant based seasonal supper by Annie

Gift bag to take home

* All yoga mats and props are supplied.


Unfurl is a seasonal continuation from the twice sold out mid winter retreat I held, TEND. At the heart of these day retreats, is the gentle inquiry ‘how do I best take care of myself? What practices help me feel a deep sense of wholeness from within?’ 


In a world that is constantly pushing us to be doing more, achieving more and in turn, pouring our energy outward, can we spend a day connecting to a sense of simply being, a day pouring nourishment back in? 


I frame all of my offerings with the context of embodied yoga philosophy, so that it is possible to not just understand the teachings of yoga intellectually and how they support our lives, but to actually feel them deeply in our own body-minds through movement, stillness, breath, sound and meditation. 


These events have been carefully curated to bring together a balance of practices which help support your wellbeing in the very deepest sense. We cannot wait to welcome you. 


'Returning to Whole'

Join Ema as she guides us into restful release and self connection, through holistic, supportive skincare, Qi cultivation, Gua Sha and Facial Massage. Learn self care rituals to amplify your own home routine. You will leave with your very own Gua Sha tool to take home and the BEST face oil.

'Wow what a fabulous day yesterday !

I absolutely loved your TEND Retreat and have woken from a long peaceful slumber feeling calm, still and in a state of ‘being’
Your care and dedication to putting together the  day (venue, room set up, welcome drink, sumptuous lovingly prepared food throughout the day, the depth & flow of the yoga, a beautiful winter walk in nature,  a magical facial)  led to it flowing gracefully and a deep feeling of yin
I will savour it for a long time and if you are planning any more one day retreats later in the year I’m definitely interested in sharing in it'


Participant from TEND, January


UNFURL | £100 per person

Sunday 16th April | 9:00 - 18:30 (ish)

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