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My intention is to create a warm, light and calm space, where it is possible to leave behind the hustle of your day and arrive fully and completely on your yoga mat, in the Now. My hope is to offer a space which is nourishing, inclusive, and vibrant - where all people are welcome and free to explore movement, breathing and the magic of yoga through a lens that suits them best. I dream of building a yoga community that honours tradition, but dances in the continuous ebb and flow of the present moment. A space that offers both a connection to the outer and the opportunity to look to the inner. The space was built, rooted in the following values: 

Connection. Compassion. Community.


I offer multiple classes per week (around 10), no two the same, but can be split into two styles: 


Core. Mobility. Stability. Flow. 

This class is a members favouriteThis contemporary Pilates class is rooted in the matwork principles with a breath focus and draws inspiration from the reformer and functional movement patterns. This approach to pilates looks at movement holistically, centring the ‘why’. This challenging, yet fluid class builds progressively and works to strengthen your deep core, have you very supported in your joint and spine function and hydrate your joints - yum! 


Always sequenced to an epic playlist, this class is low impact, yet high energy.


Please note, due to the strong core work in this class, I do not recommend for pre and newly post natal clients.

Class Styles

Soft. Nourishing. Restful.

Gentle movement, slow deep breathing and deep stillness.  A combination of yin and restorative yoga, it's about less resistance, more allowing; less gripping, more sensing; less clenching, more unlocking. Candlelit, heated floors with ambient sounds, perfect for in the evening, to prepare the body, mind and nervous system for a restful sleep. This class is intuitive and completely open to all levels. It is a deep embodied rest practice. 

A lovely pre and newly post natal option.


This signature style seamlessly links breath to movement and rhythmically flows between each posture. The class is playful, creative, invigorating, fluid and seeks to build strength from the inside. Sometimes there is a peak posture in mind, but mostly it plays in the moment to moment experience of yoga. A little bit of experience may be required before your first Vinyasa Flow (but feel free to reach out directly). 

Dynamic. Creative. Fluid. Strong.


The beginning of your yoga journey.

The beginners classes are taught in an inclusive, open and welcoming environment and are delivered in more of a workshop style, so that you feel comfortable and safe to ask a question if you need too! These classes are designed to help you establish the foundations of your own unique practice. They also might be a great opportunity to refresh if you have not practiced for some time or are recovering from an injury or post natal.

The Space

A small and inclusive space. The class size allows me to teach in a way that pays great attention to detail and ensure everybody in the class feels included and noticed. 

The best quality yoga mats, cork blocks, organic cotton bolsters and straps all provided, so you can arrive with just yourself.


+ top quality pilates matwork equipment such as hand weights, chi-balls and resistance bands.

Neals Yard essential oils diffused throughout.

A light filled, airy open space, with warm, soft lighting and filled with plants - no mirrors sorry! So you can focus on the journey inward rather than looking out (we spend so much time doing that in life as it is).

Top quality Sonos sound-system to create soothing sounds - the building has been insulated SO much so it is very quiet and still. Music is part of the class experience. 

Filtered water and herbal organic (Yogi Tea) tea provided - stay for chat with your cuppa.

High quality and heart felt teaching - yoga has expanded from my yoga mat into all aspects of my life and I live and breathe the practice. I am continuously investing in and undergoing additional training in the discipline of yoga to ensure you are in good hands.

Please ensure phones are off or silent (no vibrate), so we all stay in the experience and are not distracted by the external.

No shoes in the studio please.


Covid Aware


I have now moved my studio to Hanley Farm Shop in Chepstow. You can now find me at the following address:

Hanley Court, Chepstow NP16 7NA

Please enter through the large double doors (that is the cafe in the day) for class. You still do not need to bring anything with you, as everything is set up and provided.

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