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Sunday 28th January 2024 | 10.00 - 19.00

A tender-hearted day retreat in the depths of winter. An invitation to care for your wellbeing through a combination of yoga, seasonal whole foods, gua sha facial massage techniques and a walk along the Wye. Held in a recently converted (heated) church near the absolutely stunning Symonds Yat. 

£130 per person

Included: Everything!

be easy.

take your time.

you are coming home.

to yourself.



An intimate, recently converted church with original features, modern interior and central heating. It’s 5 miles from Symonds Yat (Ross on Wye). For the day, you will have your own yoga mat, bolster, blanket, eye pillow and blocks. It is a 1 hour drive from Bristol, and 35 minutes from Lydney. Address is emailed to you when booked.


Homemade herbal tea on arrival

Morning Vinyasa Flow practice * + Journal

Nourishing Brunch by Annie - seasonal, plant based, low waste chef @rootsonfilm

Mindful Walk in Nature with views of the Welsh Mountains

Light Snack

Gua Sha Facial Massage workshop with Acupuncturist and Facialist, Ema (including a Gua Sha tool for you to take home as a gift). @_inyourown

Evening Yin Yoga practice * + Journal

Supper prepared by Annie - seasonal, nourishing, fresh.


* All yoga props provided.


January has often been a time I’ve struggled to feel fully ‘well’ and I know I’m not alone in that. As my own yoga practice has encouraged me to live life more in alignment with nature, I have discovered and embodied many gorgeous practices that have weaved a sense of ritual, self care and healing into these darker months, and made me feel more resilient, healthy and alive as a result. It was on a particularly difficult mid January, when I was working in an office, that I felt the lowest and most disconnected to life I’ve ever felt. And now I look back, no wonder - I left for work before sunrise and came home after sunset, the only way I moved my body was through highly stress-inducing spin classes in a room with no windows and I spent all day inside, not breathing any fresh air (!!). Ultimately, it was this particular winter that brought me on the spiritual path back home to myself - I didn’t need fixing or saving, I just needed to acknowledge my environment and reconnect to the wisdom of my own body. It was the darkest moments that offered me the greatest, most life enriching teachings. These are practices we can implement into our lives to support us through the harshness of winter, and they illuminate the pockets of light. This retreat is a celebration and bringing together of my favourite wellbeing practices for this season, and I am so beyond excited to join as a community and share them. This event came to life last year, and it was so well recieved, that it was a no brainer it would happen again!


  • Vinyasa to energise the body, when it might be feeling lethargic

  • Yin to deeply rest and slow down

  • Walking mindfully in nature

  • Being in community with others

  • Eating warm, home cooked, fresh foods that support our wellbeing in winter (no cold food thank you) @rootsonfilm

  • Journaling to join the dots and make sense of how we feel

  • Gua Sha (self face massage) - its soooo amazing! @_inyourown


'Returning to Whole'

Join Ema as she guides us into restful release and self connection, through holistic, supportive skincare, Qi cultivation, Gua Sha and Facial Massage. Learn self care rituals to amplify your own home routine.


 With love and deep care, Tayler x

TEND | £130 per person

Sunday 28th January | 9.00 - 19.30

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